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Buyers Advocacy Success Story: Leah

Holland Park residence

​​​​​​​​​​​About the property

  • House
  • 4 bed, 2 bath, 2 car , 774m² 
  • 21m Frontage
  • 10.6 km from Brisbane CBD (23min drive) 

What made it an investment property?​

  • High yield, strong historical growth, 18 month lease in place
  • Low Vacancy, Large block with wide frontage​.

​​Client feedback

Describe your experience with JLL? 
Through my three acquisitions with JLL, the one thing that stands out the most, is my most recent purchase. We first started looking for this property in March 2015; we thought that we would be able to secure something quite easily however the Brisbane market kept moving. 
My Buyers Advocate Josh, did not feel that we were going to achieve the value for money in the search area that we were looking for, so he advised me that he would expand the search area and explained his reasoning behind it. He continued to search and constantly kept me updated. We had two close purchases, however through Josh’s honest and caring advice, he advised me to walk away from these properties due to the overpriced heated market. Then through his contacts, he presented me an off market property where we quickly formed a solid strategy. 
Josh dealt with my solicitor, the vendors and the vendor’s solicitors professionally throughout the entire process, constantly keeping me updated with every bit of information. He constantly delivered on his service promise above and beyond! 
What would you say would be the 3 key benefits of using JLL’s Buyers Advocates?
In no particular order:
Value for money.
Was the cost outlay for employing JLL Buyers Advocacy Services worth it?
Absolutely it was! My fee covered six months of due diligence and ended up securing me an off market property which instantly made me a minimum of $50,000 profit!​

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