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Buyers Advocacy Success Story: Jean

​​​​​​​​“Josh was very professional, he has a great character and is very easy to talk to. He addressed our concerns and didn't make us feel like we were asking dumb questions at any stage”​

About the property
  • House
  • 4 bed, 3 bath, 2 car , 604m² 
  • 6.6km from Brisbane CBD (12min drive) 

What made it an investment grade property?
  • Low-Medium Density zoning (development potential)
  • Desirable school catchment
  • Strong capital growth, high yield (1.65% above Avg)

Client feedback

Why did you decide to use a Buyers Advocate?
With 2 young kids it was just too hard to drive around Sydney trying to make the 30 minute appointment times for the open homes. We also previously liked one property, but there were things that we didn't even pick up during the inspections that the Building and Pest did which would have cost us a bit had we gone through with the property. So after half a year of looking online and going to open homes we just decided we should leave it to the experts.

Is this the first time you used JLL? And would you use JLL again and refer them onto friends? 
First time using JLL, and will definitely use them and refer them to family and friends. It was great to be able to talk to our Buyers Advocate and understand why certain properties were good etc.

Was the cost outlay for employing JLL’s services worth it taking into account the benefit of the result you achieved? 
Definitely, with Sydney being so expensive we decided to look interstate. And using JLL meant we didn't have to fly out to QLD constantly. Simply the amount of time saved looking through real estate websites etc was a great saver, and I didn't have to drive all over Sydney to look at the properties either.
We paid for expert advise which was very valuable!

What would you say would be the 3 key benefits of using a JLL Buyers Advocate?
  1. Saving Time
  2. Better understanding of the market and area and potential of the house
  3. Potentially save money as well

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