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Buyers Advocacy Success Story: Marcus

​​​​​​“I am an employee (valuer) within JLL - located in Sydney. I was reluctant in the idea of appointing a Buyers Advocate for an out of state purchase, not knowing who I could trust. However believed a fellow employee would be more trustworthy; I was correct.”

​​About the property 
  • House
  • 3 bed, 1 bath, 2 car , 767m² 
  • 20 Frontage
  • 19km from Brisbane CBD (30min drive)

What made it an investment grade property?
Future development potential, high yield, healthy historical growth
Low vacancy, satellite CBD location, strong domestic employment

Client feedback 

What are the main reasons you chose to use a Buyers Advocate? 
  • To save time
  • To avoid overpaying
  • To avoid buying the wrong property

Tell us about your experience with your Buyers Advocate? 
Very professional. Straight to the point with his facts and accurate local information - being a valuer I was able to confirm his local knowledge and agreed with his analysis of upcoming areas.
Most importantly, Josh followed my brief to the T and resulted in the 'perfect' purchase for my circumstances.
I was not expecting such a first class service and it has more than followed through to another property he is currently seeking for my brother.

What are your top three benefits of using a Buyers Advocate? 
  1. Huge time saver
  2. Identifying strong investment properties and ROI
  3. Acting in my best interests as a buyer

Was the fee outlay for employing our services worth it? 
It would have cost me just as much to take the time to do market research for myself, fly to QLD to sight properties, and organise due diligence; and I still wouldn't have been confident enough to invest interstate. Also from what I can see, I would say fair market value for the property I purchased in December is worth approx. 15K more now.

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