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Buyers Advocacy Success Story: Michael & Esther


“We've trusted Josh’s advice all the way along the journey and we found it to be insightful and seriously helpful!”

​​About the property 
  • House
  • 3 bed, 1 bath, 1 car
  • 713m²
  • 21km from Brisbane CBD (34min drive)

What made it an investment grade property?
  • Large block in elevated position
  • Above average quality improvements
  • Desirable location
  • Low suburb vacancy rate
  • Strong yield

Client feedback 

What are the main reasons you chose to use a Buyers Advocate? 
To avoid buying the wrong property

Why did you decide to use JLL's Buyers Advocacy services?
Josh was recommended on a forum.

What are your top three benefits of using a Buyers Advocate? 
  1. Huge time saver
  2. Identifying strong investment properties and ROI
  3. Access to realistic market expertise/knowledge

Would you recommend us to family and friends?

Was the fee outlay for employing our services worth it taking into account the benefit of the result you achieved? 
Yes, we believe we got a good price for the property, when you add in all the time spent helping us + advice... it's worth it!

Overall, how satisfied were you with the experience and professionalism displayed by our Buyers Advocate?
Very satisfied

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