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Reduce Your Risk

​​​Talk to any experienced property investor or developer and they will tell you that one of the keys to success is “managing the risk”; a very simple statement but one that is fraught with any number of imponderables for the less experienced and in some cases for the very experienced depending on the complexity of the transaction or market conditions at the time.

There are any number of “things” that can go wrong when “Murphy's Law” strikes in a property transaction or in life for that matter. Dealing with the glaringly obvious and what the property strategy is that mitigates that risk is always the starting point when assessing a transaction or general market conditions. Put another way; start at the beginning, do the risk analysis, investigate the alternative property strategies that mitigates the identified risk, select the appropriate property strategy based on the risk profile of transaction and the participants.

All sounds simple enough in theory, the execution and the practice can occasionally misfire and this is where an experienced Buyers Advocate can prove invaluable for the inexperienced and the experienced. JLL Buyers Advocacy team specialises in the search, negotiation and acquisition of residential and commercial properties so whether it is a $400,000 investment property in Queensland or a $100,000,000 commercial property in Melbourne undertaking a thorough risk analysis and investigating appropriate mitigation strategies is a key part of that service delivery.

Tony Price
Buyers Advocate - NSW
+61 468 462 378

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