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Buyers Advocacy Success Story: Michael

​​​​“Despite being a valuer by profession, I understood that my experience in the negotiation process and my ability to be objective was compromised at times during my property search. As such, having a 'Buyers Advocate' that created distance and formed a strictly professional relationship with agents/vendors was invaluable.”

About the property 
  • Unit
  • 2 bed, 1 bath, 1 car
  • 6km from Sydney CBD (15min drive)
  • Built in 1970

Client feedback 

What is the main reason you chose to use a Buyers Advocate? 
To save time and money. I became increasingly frustrated with the process when it came to dealing with real estate agents whose guidance was obviously skewed toward their vendor’s needs. Having to second guess this and taking their advice I felt ultimately cost me 2 properties.

Why did you decide to use JLL's Buyers Advocacy services? 
Firstly the brand itself says a lot in the real estate industry. Its second to none in terms of the high quality standards and business integrity that the Company sets .Secondly, I wanted to streamline the process and have one professional point of contact that I trusted to act on my behalf.

Based on your experience, will you use our services for future purchases?
Yes – absolutely! I would recommend that anyone looking to buy property use Eli. I looked for nearly 4 months without success and after engaging Eli as my BA we secured my home in only 3weeks, prior to Auction.

What are your top three benefits of using a Buyers Advocate? 
  1. Dealing with only one professional
  2. Acting exclusively on my behalf and in my best interests as a buyer
  3. Understanding my property brief, shaping and executing my property strategy in the correct manner to achieve the result I was looking for.

Did the property acquired meet your expectations?
Yes- In the current Sydney Market, it was imperative that the acquisition process was as efficient and diligent as possible. A perfectly executed buying strategy that met everything that I had asked to be met.

Was the fee outlay for employing our services worth it taking into account the benefit of the result you achieved?
Yes- The fee outlay for the BA services provided was extremely worthwhile considering both the short amount of time taken to acquire particularly within the current rising residential market within Sydney.

Would you recommend us to friends and family?
Yes absolutely! I found Eli transparent and diligent in all stages of the BA service. Not only can you see his authenticity from the outset, his actions and correspondence reflect that of a professional who cares and treats the process as though it is his own investment.

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