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Australia remains a safe haven for funds

​​There’s been a lot written and speculated since we last published about the US Election; a range of issues such as what may or may not happen and how that may or may not impact on Australia. Let’s contain our discussion to a possible effect on property as JLL Buyers Advocacy specialises in the search, negotiation and acquisition of residential and commercial properties. Our view generally is that Australia could well be a beneficiary of further Chinese outbound flows of capital if there is the speculated disruption in trade between the two economic power houses given our reputation as a safe haven for funds.

Our Asia Pacific CEO, Anthony Couse gives his thoughts on the matter in addition to other likely global capital flow movements, with the comforting take out and external view that Australia is still favoured as a destination for foreign capital investment property which has seen a surge in the past 18 months.

JLLs’ Melbourne based Associate Director Annabel McFarlane summarises that demand and also looks at what our regulatory authorities are implementing to manage that investment.

Whilst we are considered a safe haven there are risks ahead and one that is always foremost from an investor perspective is interest rates. JLL Asia Pacific Capital Markets, Hong Kong based Director, Myles Huang suggests that globally they will remain relatively low next year​ despite all the uncertainty associated with the US Election results. 

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Buyers Advocate - NSW
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