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Client happiness - the heart of our business

​People often talk about having a thankless job, I however do not – I am so thankful for such great clients and measure my success against the calibre of the client feedback I receive. 

Client feedback is so valuable for personal validation and building your business, however when clients like Matthew take the extra time to write something personal and honest, this kind of feedback is priceless. Matthew’s recent purchase went smoothly and exceeded his expectations.

Matthew is a first time investor but with commercial acumen beyond his years and the ability to distinguish the crucial from the trivial. Matthew describes his Buyers Advocacy experience with JLL below.

About the Property

  • House
  • 3 bed, 1 bath, 1 car
  • 18km from Brisbane CBD
  • Low vacancy, strong tenant demand, healthy historical growth

Client Feedback

“I had always wanted to break into the real estate market since earning my first pay check. Whilst saving the funds necessary to put in an adequate deposit, I listened/watched/read a number of articles and podcasts pertaining to property investment. However, the more desktop study I undertook to shortlist a property to buy, the more confused I got with regards to the quality and type of asset I should be looking for (e.g. should my first investment be a house or an apartment? should I go for a buy and hold or renovate flip?). ​

Through my property research, I came across the term "buyer's agent" and looked into it more with much doubt that an individual can be trusted to find you a great property with great return on investment. I was initially hesitant with spending part of a potential deposit to hire an expert to buy a property for me, but after seeking opinions from people who have various levels of experience - I was convinced to see what a buyer's agent had to offer. Based in Perth WA, I was suggested to consider investing interstate (especially QLD) as the property market over east is performing significantly better compared to the western suburbs.

I engaged many buyer's advocates/agents around Australia and the one that was able to relate the best with me and proved his sound understanding of property investment was Josh Coleman from JLL. His qualification in business and economics and previous experience as a valuer really gave me confidence that I was in the right hands for my first purchase. 

An excellent communicator, Josh guided me through my first purchase in QLD of a superb 3 bedroom house in a blue chip suburb. He pointed out strategies, tips and tricks that seller's agents employ, reasons behind investing interstate and what to look out for in a great investment. Highly recommend any one looking to buy to speak to Josh first for an honest yet insightful first opinion. ”

Josh Coleman
Buyers Advocate - QLD
+61 400 003 504

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