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Real Estate in Sydney



As the gateway to Australia, Sydney is one of the world's most favoured destinations for business and leisure. Sydney has consistently ranked on top. A look at the current global rankings in JLL Cities Momentum Index, Sydney places 8th, challenging ‘Established World Cities' like London, New York and Tokyo. Transformational projects like Barangaroo will further propel its global real estate positioning and ‘world-class infrastructure' status in the coming five to seven years.

JLL has witnessed the development of Sydney for almost 60 years, and has played a crucial role in the urban landscape. At one time or another, JLL has had a hand in most of Sydney's skyline, whether it be through managing, leasing, selling, advising or valuing a property.

Speak to us and we will be happy to help you build your profile in this world class destination.

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Just like Sydney, another world class destination for global real estate in this region is the Perth real estate market.