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Asia Pacific start-ups have received over 60 percent of global ‘proptech’ investment from 2013 to 2017

New report reveals Australasian proptech startups predominately focused on Property Management and Brokerage & Leasing verticals

Property technology – or proptech – start-ups in Asia Pacific are outpacing their counterparts in Europe and the United States with 179 of them raising around US$4.8 billion in funding since 2013. This represents over 60 percent of proptech investment worldwide (US$7.8 billion was invested globally), according to new research from JLL.

A new report, Clicks and Mortar: The Growing Influence of Proptech, analyses the state of proptech and its growth potential in 13 markets across Asia Pacific. Commissioned by JLL and authored by start-up community, Tech In Asia, the report also reveals the forecast for proptech growth in the region, predicting that funding will reach US$4.5 billion a year by 2020.

Anthony Couse, CEO, JLL Asia Pacific said, "The findings of the report show that there is a great deal of potential for proptech in Asia Pacific. With its young population, rapid urbanisation and 'mobile first' mindset, all the conditions are in place for this new sector to accelerate, bringing increased efficiencies and better experiences for the end user."

The report revealed that proptech in Asia Pacific has evolved significantly since it first emerged in 2007 with residential property listing startups. In its current iteration, it is beginning to serve larger enterprise needs and the commercial real estate sector.

"What's really interesting for a company like JLL is that more startups are beginning to emerge that bring solutions that are scalable for big corporate needs," explains Mr Couse.

"Once we start to see the application of technologies such as 3D printing, robotics and drones alongside the rise of Smart Cities in Asia, it could lead to a transformation of the real estate industry."


Australasia vs other regions:

The report identifies that proptech startups serve four main verticals: Brokerage and Leasing, Investment and Financing, Project Development and Property Management.

The graph below looks at proptech by geography, and charts the investment into proptech startups by region, further breaking that down into the vertical that the startups are operating within.

Among the proptech verticals, Brokerage and Leasing appears to dominate in all examined regions, and startups in this space have received up to nearly 90% of total Asia Pacific proptech funding since 2012. The majority of Australasian proptech startups have been operating within the Property Management and Brokerage & Leasing verticals.


Asian proptech giants:

According to the report, Greater China and India emerged as the top two markets for proptech startups in the region, based on funding value and total number of deals. Those in Greater China raised the most funding with approximately US$3.02 billion or over 60% per cent of Asia Pacific's total funding from 34 deals. India has the highest number of proptech start-ups in Asia Pacific at 77 deals which, combined, raised a total of US$928 million.


Country/marketCombined funding value (USD,000)Deal counts
Greater China (Mainland China & Hong Kong)$3,02534
Southeast Asia$73836
Northeast Asia (excluding China & Hong Kong)$10113