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It’s not just as easy as ‘flicking a switch’ - major logistical exercise to turn the lights off for Earth Hour

Jones Lang LaSalle to oversee Earth Hour initiative on behalf of owners and occupiers of over 4000 properties it manages in Australia

SYDNEY, 24 MARCH 2009 – Global property services firm, Jones Lang LaSalle will oversee the Earth Hour program for its clients around the world at 8:30pm on Saturday 28 March, including managing operations for a large number of the 4000 properties the firm manages across Australia.
Jones Lang LaSalle’s offices in more than 75 cities across the world will join tens of millions of individuals and hundreds of cities across the world that have pledged to turn off their lights in support of Earth Hour.   The firm’s 13 offices in Australia will flick the switch on Saturday.
It has been estimated that turning off the lights for one hour of operation at all of Jones Lang LaSalle’s managed buildings around the world, in the spirit of the Earth Hour pledge, could reduce energy use by more than 1.4 million kilowatt-hours, equating to approximately 952,544 kilograms of greenhouse gas reduction.
Anita Mitchell, Head of Energy & Sustainability Services Australasia says, “Earth Hour is an important and very visible representation of the need to take action on climate change.
“The commercial building sector is responsible for around 23 per cent of Australia's carbon pollution and offers one of the most cost effective ways to curb greenhouse gas emissions. The property sector therefore has a significant role to play in being part of the solution.
“Office blocks lit up like Christmas trees at night are one of the most visible demonstrations of energy wastage in our society, with lighting contributing to up to 50% of a tenant’s energy usage. Even though we have improved the energy efficiency of buildings over the past few years, more effort is still needed and not only during Earth Hour, but on an ongoing basis through improving the underlying efficiency of buildings,” Ms Mitchell said.
Jones Lang LaSalle’s Head of Operations in Australasia, Andrew Harvey said there were a number of factors that building owners and tenants should keep in mind as they participate in Earth Hour.
“This is a major logistical exercise for building owners and operators and is not just as easy as ‘flicking a switch’.
“There are many factors that need to be taken into account, including occupational health and safety, automated building management control systems (BMCS), signage sponsorship, cleaning contracts, formal lease agreements and lighting requirements.
“The management of a building is a complex series of systems and processes. Occupants don’t cease to use buildings at 6pm on the dot, so the simple act of ‘turning off the lights’ for an hour can be quite a complex process for operational staff.
“One of our main concerns is the health and safety risks that are introduced by a reduction in building lighting. This means that no building should be completely dark as many staff and the public typically access the building during later hours,” Mr Harvey said.
Jones Lang LaSalle also highlights the following considerations that building owners and tenants should keep in mind as they participate in Earth Hour:
 Many tenancy agreements include policies on how they must light and maintain their office space over the weekends, so exemptions to these requirements must be provided by building managers if they are participating in Earth Hour. Not all energy can be ‘cut’, for example, computer systems require constant power supply. In addition, addressing the issue of tenants that have staff that work at night, such as those involved in monitoring global trading markets or those that provide 24-hour call centres is important. For these groups a ‘lights out’ policy can have major impacts.
Lauralee Martin, Jones Lang LaSalle’s Global Chief Operating and Financial Officer says, “We are proud to pledge our support for Earth Hour across the globe again this year. This meaningful effort is part of our long term action plan around sustainability, which involves both our employees and clients.”
Earth Hour is an initiative of the World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature that began in 2007 and has gained overwhelming momentum.  This year, over 1,800 cities, towns and municipalities in 81 countries have committed to participate, with more coming on board every day. 
Amy Ho, Managing Director, WWF Singapore says, "We are delighted to have the support of Jones Lang LaSalle for WWF's Earth Hour in Asia Pacific.
“Their involvement along with that of the many other organizations we now have on board will make a very real difference. What's more, businesses like Jones Lang LaSalle have an incredible ability and responsibility to engage their employees, customers and partners to create a sustainable future for our planet, this means Jones Lang LaSalle's support is not only good for Earth Hour, but has the potential for encouraging a longer term focus on action against climate change."
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