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Australia ranks in the world’s Top 3 for transparency in real estate sustainability

Jones Lang LaSalle’s 2012 Global Real Estate Transparency Index now includes a focus on sustainability amongst 28 countries across the globe

AUSTRALIA, 4 JULY 2012 — The United Kingdom, Australia and France have emerged as the most transparent markets in terms of real estate sustainability.

In recognition of the increasing relevance of environmental sustainability in real estate decisions, Jones Lang LaSalle’s 2012 Global Real Estate Transparency Index now includes a separate Real Estate Sustainability Transparency Index for a sub-set of 28 countries. 

The Index covers issues such as energy efficiency benchmarking and green building rating systems.

Joel Quintal, the Director of Sustainability at Jones Lang LaSalle Australia said, “The inclusion of a new index specifically assessing sustainability transparency across 28 countries around the globe demonstrates the importance of environmental sustainability as an emerging key transparency factor in real estate.

“The top three ranking countries for sustainability transparency globally - the UK, Australia, and France -  all have robust environmental reporting requirements and offer investors detailed information on the sustainability performance of assets in each market.

“I am not surprised with Australia’s placement at the top of the global rankings.  Our market is a world leader in this regard.  Australia has been the test bed for new environmental laws, regulations and incentives and there are a number of industry organisations that have taken the lead on this issue who have contributed greatly to Australia’s top 3 ranking.

“The introduction of the Commercial Buildings Disclosure program in Australia in 2010 has further improved the transparency of the Australian property market and demonstrates the industry’s commitment to providing information during real estate transactions,” said Mr Quintal.
John Talbot, Managing Director, Investment & Advisory Group at Jones Lang LaSalle said Australia presents a very attractive environment for domestic and offshore investors.
“This new sustainability index further substantiates our view that the Australian market will outperform in key areas including sustainability. The requirement to meet responsible investing principles is greater than we have ever seen and will continue to grow as investors and shareholders become increasingly aware of the value of green,” said Mr Talbot.