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News release


Jones Lang LaSalle promotes 4 Australians to Regional Director of the firm

More than 130 Australian employees recognised in annual promotions

AUSTRALIA, 1 JULY 2013 – Jones Lang LaSalle has announced the promotion of 136 members of the Australian business, including 34 new Directors.

Four senior executives of the global real estate firm have been promoted to Regional Director – the second highest global position in the firm.  They are:  Jamie Guerra (Managing Director, South Australia), John Macree (NSW Head of Sales & Investments, Metro Markets), Simon Storry, (Head of International Investments, Australia) and Troy Shepherd (NSW Property & Asset Management).
Stephen Conry, CEO of Jones Lang LaSalle Australia said, “We have a strong tradition of recognising and rewarding outstanding performance through our annual promotions process.
“We have added an additional 34 Directors throughout Australia to the firm and now have more than 350 Directors nationally. This number will continue to increase, reflecting our growing and strengthening team.
“We have a great combination of longer serving and new Directors leading our team of 1800 people across Australia.  Our people are the real value of our firm and ensure the ongoing success of our business,” Mr Conry said.
The full list of 2013 Director-level promotions:


Regional Director      
Jamie Guerra, Managing Director South Australia, SA
John Macree, Sales and Investments, NSW
Simon Storry, Sales and Investments, NSW
Troy Shepherd, Property and Asset Management, NSW
National Director     
Andrew Ballantyne, Research and Consulting, NSW
Sam Brewer, Industrial, NSW
Charlie Cassia, Property and Asset Management, NSW
Christina Gassmann, Strategic Sales Services, NSW
Phil Clark, Integrated Facilities Management, VIC
Scott McCrossin, Project and Development Services, NSW
David Petfield, Property and Asset Management, VIC
Andrew Read, Project and Development Services, VIC
Bob Rice, Property and Asset Management, QLD
Tony Ridge, Property and Asset Management, VIC
Jennifer Ryan, Property and Asset Management, NSW
Seb Turnbull, Sales and Investments, QLD
Peter Turner, Property and Asset Management, NSW 
Paul Alley, Finance, VIC
Tom Barr, Leasing, QLD
Ashley Buller, Leasing, VIC
Ben Byford, Industrial, NSW
Aine Corbett, Property and Asset Management, NSW
David Ivey, Valuations and Advisory, WA
Stephen Jensen, Property and Asset Management, VIC
Erin Karsten, Integrated Facilities Management, NSW
Daniel Kernaghan, Leasing, NSW
Paul Lemmey, Property and Asset Management, SA
Jeffrey Moxham, Sales and Investments, NSW
John Pirovich, Property and Asset Management, WA
Janette Riley, Property and Asset Management, NSW
Jacob Swan, Sales and Investments, QLD
Alfina Volpato, Property and Asset Management, NSW
Benjamin Widdowson, Industrial, WA
Emily Wills, Property and Asset Management, NSW