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Australian GDP Data Release 3Q172017-12-07T13:00:00Zpdf1111378Free to Air GDP Data Release 3Q17.pdf/australia/en-au/research/594/australia-gdp-3q17Australian GDP Data Release 3Q17State economic growth rates are broadly converging, and this is likely to translate to an increasing re-alignment of office market fundamentals nationally. ​

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Australia Focus on Service Stations/australia/en-au/research/587/australia-focus-on-service-stationsAustralia Focus on Service StationsThe service station investment sector has seen significant yield compression and heightened transaction volumes over the past five years.
Workplace – powered by human experience/australia/en-au/research/586/workplace-powered-by-human-experienceWorkplace – powered by human experienceHow do Australian employees feel about their workplace and explores the three key areas that you need to address to provide the best experience for your workers? Engagement, Empowerment and Fulfilment.
Build to rent residential: Australia's missing sector/australia/en-au/research/558/build-to-rent-residential-australias-missing-sectorBuild to rent residential: Australia's missing sectorDespite the challenges that have prevented ‘build to rent residential’ developing as an institutional investment class in Australia, we believe there are powerful factors that are likely to drive its emergence locally over the next decade.
Australian GDP Data Release 2Q17/australia/en-au/research/553/gdp-data-release-2q17Australian GDP Data Release 2Q17The Australian economy posted strong growth of 0.8% q-q in 2Q17, after weather conditions had an impact on exports and construction in 1Q17.
Why has Canberra emerged on the international radar?/australia/en-au/research/526/why-has-canberra-emerged-on-the-international-radarWhy has Canberra emerged on the international radar?We believe that Canberra is a more relevant investment destination for cross-border investors with Korean capital sources being subscribers to the Canberra investment thesis.
Australian GDP Data Release 1Q17/australia/en-au/research/525/australian-gdp-a-low-growth-quarter-june-2017Australian GDP Data Release 1Q17The economy expanded by a modest 0.3% q-q and 1.7% y-y in 1Q17, enough to reach a global record of 103 quarters without technical recession. Indications are that we are set for a further period of moderate and patchy growth.