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Q2 2018 Outer West Market Overview2018-08-07T14:00:00Zpdf13158054Free to Air 2018 Outer West Market OverviewOur Q2. Quarterly Reports outline the market trends, key available stock, transactions, speculative analysis and infrastructure updates for the Western Sydney market. Download the Q2. 2018 Outer West Market Overview today.

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Q2 2018 North West Market Overview/australia/en-au/research/743/q2-2018-north-west-market-overviewQ2 2018 North West Market OverviewSome buildings in the North West are being leased before coming to the market
Q2 2018 South West Market Overview/australia/en-au/research/741/q2-2018-south-west-market-overviewQ2 2018 South West Market OverviewThere has been a recent flurry of leasing activity resulting in even lower levels of existing stock available to lease. Occupiers remain attracted to recently completed speculative properties.
Q2 2018 Central West Market Overview/australia/en-au/research/742/q2-2018-central-west-market-overviewQ2 2018 Central West Market OverviewUrban encroachment will continue to place pressure on the industrial stock base over the medium to longer-term. Residential developers may seek to build in the Central West given continued land value appreciation for residential parcels in South Sydney.
Australia Adelaide Industrial Market Overview 2Q18/australia/en-au/research/709/australia-adelaide-industrial-market-overview-2q18Australia Adelaide Industrial Market Overview 2Q18Quarterly gross take-up was strong in 2Q18 (89,300 sqm).
Australia Brisbane Industrial Market Overview 2Q18/australia/en-au/research/710/australia-brisbane-industrial-market-overview-2q18Australia Brisbane Industrial Market Overview 2Q18Gross take-up totalled 149,000 sqm in 2Q18.
Australia Melbourne Industrial Market Overview 2Q18/australia/en-au/research/711/australia-melbourne-industrial-market-overview-2q18Australia Melbourne Industrial Market Overview 2Q18Leasing demand was strong in 2Q18, with 268,200 sqm of gross take up recorded.