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Australia GDP: A Return to Growth March 20172017-03-09T13:00:00Zpdf411004Free to Air GDP A Return to Growth 4Q16.pdf/australia/en-au/research/500/australia-gdp-a-return-to-growth-march-2017Australia GDP: A Return to Growth March 2017The economy returned decisively to growth in the final quarter of 2016, recording 1.1% growth q-q. This was boosted by household consumption, net exports and public sector investment.

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JLL Adelaide Industrial Market Overview 4Q16/australia/en-au/research/469/jll-adelaide-industrial-market-overview-4q16JLL Adelaide Industrial Market Overview 4Q16There were two tenant moves (≥ 3,000 sqm) recorded in 4Q16 totalling 10,100 sqm, both within the Inner West/East precinct.
JLL Perth Industrial Market Overview 4Q16/australia/en-au/research/472/jll-perth-industrial-market-overview-4q16JLL Perth Industrial Market Overview 4Q16For the 12 months to December 2016, take-up of industrial space, in Perth, was 164,900 sqm, below the 10 year annual average.
JLL Brisbane Industrial Market Overview 4Q16/australia/en-au/research/470/jll-brisbane-industrial-market-overview-4q16JLL Brisbane Industrial Market Overview 4Q16Gross take-up remained stable in Brisbane in 4Q16, totalling 131,100 sqm, slightly down from the previous quarter (136,500 sqm).
JLL Melbourne Industrial Market Overview 4Q16/australia/en-au/research/471/jll-melbourne-industrial-market-overview-4q16JLL Melbourne Industrial Market Overview 4Q16Leasing activity recovered from a weak 3Q16 in Melbourne, with 189,900 sqm of gross take-up recorded.
JLL Sydney Industrial Market Overview 4Q16/australia/en-au/research/473/jll-sydney-industrial-market-overview-4q16JLL Sydney Industrial Market Overview 4Q16Gross take-up of 173,300 sqm was recorded across 15 deals over 4Q16 in Sydney.
JLL VIC Investment Focus on Melbourne December 2016/australia/en-au/research/466/jll-vic-investment-focus-on-melbourne-december-2016JLL VIC Investment Focus on Melbourne December 2016Melbourne is experiencing a phase of extraordinary positivity that is extending across all of its property markets. Victoria’s economy is the envy of other states but what characteristics are making Melbourne tick?