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An Assessment of Sydney’s Industrial Land Supply2018-02-28T13:00:00Zpdf1261065Free to Air Assessment of Sydney’s Industrial Land SupplyIn this report we explore how the shortage of developable land is impacting location strategies, and what this means for you – investors and occupiers navigating this changing market.

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Adelaide Industrial Market Overview 4Q17/australia/en-au/research/611/adelaide-industrial-market-overview-4q17Adelaide Industrial Market Overview 4Q17Occupier demand improved over the December quarter. Gross take-up totalled 79,200 sqm.
Brisbane Industrial Market Overview 4Q17/australia/en-au/research/607/brisbane-industrial-market-overview-4q17Brisbane Industrial Market Overview 4Q17Leasing demand weakened over 4Q17. Gross take-up totalled 72,756 sqm over the December quarter.
Perth Industrial Market Overview 4Q17/australia/en-au/research/609/perth-industrial-market-overview-4q17Perth Industrial Market Overview 4Q17Leasing demand remains slow. Gross take-up decreased from the previous quarter, totalling 14,500 sqm over the December quarter.
Sydney Industrial Market Overview 4Q17/australia/en-au/research/610/sydney-industrial-market-overview-4q17Sydney Industrial Market Overview 4Q17Year-to-date (YTD) gross take-up activity was strong this quarter, with 229,652 sqm recorded.
Melbourne Industrial Market Overview 4Q17/australia/en-au/research/622/melbourne-industrial-market-overview-4q17Melbourne Industrial Market Overview 4Q17​Leasing demand continues to be characterised by companies leasing existing warehouse space.
Australian GDP Data Release 3Q17/australia/en-au/research/594/australia-gdp-3q17Australian GDP Data Release 3Q17State economic growth rates are broadly converging, and this is likely to translate to an increasing re-alignment of office market fundamentals nationally. ​