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Re-balancing the Queensland Economy July 20162016-07-20T14:00:00Zpdf2563653Free to Air the Queensland Economy July 2016.pdf/australia/en-au/research/368/re-balancing-the-queensland-economy-july-2016Re-balancing the Queensland Economy July 2016Our latest white paper titled, Re-Balancing the Queensland Economy looks at the drivers of the Queensland economy and their implications for commercial real estate in 2016 and beyond.

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JLL Perth Industrial Market Overview 3Q16/australia/en-au/research/430/jll-perth-industrial-market-overview-3q16JLL Perth Industrial Market Overview 3Q16For the 12 months to September 2016, take-up of industrial space was 161,400 sqm. Take-up in 3Q16 increased from the volumes recorded in the June quarter, as a number of larger deals were finalised.
JLL Sydney Industrial Market Overview 3Q16/australia/en-au/research/431/jll-sydney-industrial-market-overview-3q16JLL Sydney Industrial Market Overview 3Q16Occupier activity decreased slightly in 3Q16, with gross take-up of 257,600 sqm recorded. The figure is slightly higher than the five-year quarterly average of 180,600 sqm.
JLL Adelaide Industrial Market Overview 3Q16/australia/en-au/research/427/jll-adelaide-industrial-market-overview-3q16JLL Adelaide Industrial Market Overview 3Q16There were three tenant moves (>3,000 sqm) recorded in 3Q16 totalling 35,300 sqm, two of which were pre-lease moves. This represents the first major industrial pre-lease activity recorded in Adelaide since 2Q15.
JLL Brisbane Industrial Market Overview 3Q16/australia/en-au/research/428/jll-brisbane-industrial-market-overview-3q16JLL Brisbane Industrial Market Overview 3Q16Occupier moves in Brisbane recorded a total gross take-up of 100,000 sqm in 3Q16, a significant improvement from 2Q16 (16,900 sqm).
JLL Melbourne Industrial Market Overview 3Q16/australia/en-au/research/429/jll-melbourne-industrial-market-overview-3q16JLL Melbourne Industrial Market Overview 3Q16Following a strong 12 months of take-up activity, gross take-up dropped to 62,900 sqm in 3Q16. This led on from increasing numbers of incentivised tenants who opted to stay in existing premises on renewal.
JLL Adelaide Industrial Market Overview 2Q16/australia/en-au/research/396/jll-adelaide-industrial-market-overview-2q16JLL Adelaide Industrial Market Overview 2Q16There were no major tenant moves recorded in 2Q16, reflective of the ongoing subdued demand environment for occupiers with large space requirements.