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Australian GDP: A Low Growth Quarter June 20172017-06-22T14:00:00Zpdf805372Free to Air GDP A low growth quarter June 2017.pdf/australia/en-au/research/525/australian-gdp-a-low-growth-quarter-june-2017Australian GDP: A Low Growth Quarter June 2017The economy expanded by a modest 0.3% q-q and 1.7% y-y in 1Q17, enough to reach a global record of 103 quarters without technical recession. Indications are that we are set for a further period of moderate and patchy growth.

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JLL Melbourne Retail Market Overview 1Q17/australia/en-au/research/515/jll-melbourne-retail-market-overview-1q17JLL Melbourne Retail Market Overview 1Q17Retail supply additions have remained below trend in the 12 months to 1Q17 across Melbourne’s retail market. No retail completions were recorded in 1Q17.
JLL Sydney Retail Market Overview 1Q17/australia/en-au/research/516/jll-sydney-retail-market-overview-1q17JLL Sydney Retail Market Overview 1Q17Seven retail developments reached practical completion in 1Q17 across the Sydney retail market, totaling 40,400 sqm. Four of these seven developments were in the neighbourhood sub-sector.
JLL South East Queensland Retail Market Overview 1Q17/australia/en-au/research/513/jll-south-east-queensland-retail-market-overview-1q17JLL South East Queensland Retail Market Overview 1Q17Queensland retail demand has remained relatively stable over 1Q17. Competition among centres has continued to be a key trend in the retail market.
JLL Adelaide Retail Market Overview 1Q17/australia/en-au/research/518/jll-adelaide-retail-market-overview-1q17JLL Adelaide Retail Market Overview 1Q17There were no supply additions to the Adelaide retail market in 1Q17. However, there is currently 34,200 sqm of projects expected to complete by the end of the year
JLL Canberra Retail Market Overview 1Q17/australia/en-au/research/514/jll-canberra-retail-market-overview-1q17JLL Canberra Retail Market Overview 1Q17Neighbourhood centre, Amaroo Village, 1 Horse Park Drive, Amaroo (4,600 sqm) reached practical completion over 1Q17. Investment activity was observed in the ‘other retail’ category during 1Q17.
JLL Perth Retail Market Overview 1Q17/australia/en-au/research/517/jll-perth-retail-market-overview-1q17JLL Perth Retail Market Overview 1Q17Two retail construction projects reached completion in 1Q17, adding 19,500 sqm of retail floor space. Supply additions over the last 12 months totalled 77,600 sqm.