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Australian GDP Data Release 3Q172017-12-07T13:00:00Zpdf1111378Free to Air GDP Data Release 3Q17.pdf/australia/en-au/research/594/australia-gdp-3q17Australian GDP Data Release 3Q17State economic growth rates are broadly converging, and this is likely to translate to an increasing re-alignment of office market fundamentals nationally. ​

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Australia Focus on Service Stations/australia/en-au/research/587/australia-focus-on-service-stationsAustralia Focus on Service StationsThe service station investment sector has seen significant yield compression and heightened transaction volumes over the past five years.
JLL Adelaide Retail Market Overview 3Q17/australia/en-au/research/576/jll-adelaide-retail-market-overview-3q17JLL Adelaide Retail Market Overview 3Q17Retail spending in South Australia dipped in August but remains one of the strongest in Australia.
JLL Canberra Retail Market Overview 3Q17/australia/en-au/research/577/jll-canberra-retail-market-overview-3q17JLL Canberra Retail Market Overview 3Q17Seasonally adjusted retail turnover in Canberra remains the highest across the retail markets monitored by JLL.
JLL Melbourne Retail Market Overview 3Q17/australia/en-au/research/578/jll-melbourne-retail-market-overview-3q17JLL Melbourne Retail Market Overview 3Q17AUD 822.7 million of major retail transactions (≥ AUD 5.0 million) were recorded in 3Q17 in the Melbourne retail market.
JLL Perth Retail Market Overview 3Q17/australia/en-au/research/579/jll-perth-retail-market-overview-3q17JLL Perth Retail Market Overview 3Q17Seasonally adjusted retail spending growth remains slow in Western Australia, rising by just 0.5% y-o-y as at August 2017.
JLL South East Queensland Retail Market Overview 3Q17/australia/en-au/research/580/jll-south-east-queensland-retail-market-overview-3q17JLL South East Queensland Retail Market Overview 3Q17Demand from retailers was mixed in 3Q17. Household goods retailing had the strongest annual retail turnover (12 months to August) followed by food retailing and other retailing.