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Corporate Real Estate & Property Services

Greater efficiency, risk management and productivity improvements for our clients

​ With real estate typically being one of the top three costs in a company, having the right real estate partner is critical to business performance. A well-delivered real estate strategy can provide significant cost savings to a corporation. Getting it wrong can mean loss of competitive advantage, costly penalties, and adverse effects on business productivity.

Our Corporate Solutions specialists leverage extensive real estate experience and industry knowledge to drive value across the entire real estate life cycle.

  • Corporate Consulting

    Our Corporate Consulting team will work with you to develop a real estate solution that maximises the value of you real estate portfolio while supporting your business goals.

  • Corporate Research

    We produce forecast and trend analysis covering all sectors to give you the insight to make strategic or tactical decisions.

  • Energy and Sustainability Services

    Draw from lessons we have learned worldwide to help extend your sustainability strategy and implement programs that reduce both carbon footprints and operating costs.

  • Facility Management

    Let us increase the productivity of your real estate portfolio by reducing costs, minimising risk and increasing end-user satisfaction.

  • Lease Administration

    Access accurate, up-to-date portfolio information, critical to managing the risks and costs associated with your real estate portfolio with the only provider who is Soc 1 compliant.

  • Project and Construction Management

    Benefit from our transparent delivery methodology in both construction and project management across $1 billion in capital works annually in Australia.

  • Tenant Representation

    Our strategy-led transactions will ensure you not only get the best deal possible, but an outcome that supports your business objectives.

  • Transaction Management

    We ensure transactions across your portfolio are executed consistently, in line with your business objectives.

  • Workplace Strategy

    Does your workplace support your business objectives, underpin your culture and differentiate your brand? Learn more about Workplace Strategy from one of our experts.

News and research



JLL reports significant yield compression in Australian Healthcare real estate investment/australia/en-au/news/1144/jll-reports-significant-yield-compression-in-australian-healthcare-real-estateJLL reports significant yield compression in Australian Healthcare real estate investment0x0100E81015D9D08198458B498FF948D658F90052B0972AFC77B94093C478C1B5B47C88
JLL wins two prestigious national awards recognising excellence in the Facilities Management (FM) industry/australia/en-au/news/1118/jll-wins-two-prestigious-national-awards-recognising-excellence-in-the-facilities-management-industryJLL wins two prestigious national awards recognising excellence in the Facilities Management (FM) industry0x0100E81015D9D08198458B498FF948D658F90052B0972AFC77B94093C478C1B5B47C88



JLL Australian Healthcare Real Estate Investment Review February 2017/australia/en-au/research/491/jll-australian-healthcare-real-estate-investment-review-february-2017JLL Australian Healthcare Real Estate Investment Review February 20170x01010063443623C9F9004FA21AA8EABD6132C80096456DD4F4AF204EB9DD2C24B361B045
The Future of Work and Workplace/australia/en-au/research/445/the-future-of-work-and-workplaceThe Future of Work and Workplace0x01010063443623C9F9004FA21AA8EABD6132C80096456DD4F4AF204EB9DD2C24B361B045

Thought leadership

White Paper

Campus Planning in Australian Universities

Effective planning at Universities is moreimportant than ever before. The criticaldecisions campus planners make today willaffect their institution for many years to come.


The Wrap - 6th edition

In this issue of The Wrap, we explore the implications of this wall of money on tenant movements and highlight where we see the best opportunities for corporate occupiers over the next 12 – 24 months.


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Perspectives on Productivity #1

Productivity is on the agenda of corporate Australia. Why? In an increasingly competitive and global marketplace, productivity is seen as key to profitability.


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Perspectives from the boardroom #2

Discover what 135 board members felt were the key drivers of productivity across Australian businesses.

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Australian CRE Corporate Real Estate (CRE) Survey – Getting the Strategy Right

JLL’s “Australian CRE Corporate Real Estate (CRE) Survey – Getting the Strategy Right” identifies opportunities for real estate teams working in corporate Australia to shift their focus from real estate metrics, such as rents and ratio of square metre space they occupy, to business performance goals.