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Corporate Research

At the core of every good real estate decision is quality data and information. We have the best intelligence and knowledge-base in the business.

​​​With over 100 full-time research professionals in Asia Pacific, we are the undisputed leader for market intelligence in the real estate industry. Using our proprietary databases and indices unique to the industry, we produce forecast and trend analysis covering all sectors to give you the insight to make strategic or tactical decisions.

In addition, our specialist Corporate Research team bridges corporate trends with property market research to provide forward-looking perspectives on topics such as strategic partnerships, lease accounting changes, critical environments, scenario planning, maximising workplace productivity, sustainability, and other emerging corporate real estate outsourcing trends.

Research and news

Corporate Research

Real Estate Conundrums Just Another Cycle or a Whole New Ball Game?

Real estate markets are cyclical. But behind the scenes, long-term structural changes are always at work. Structural changes are often harder to identify; but over time they can have a profound impact on real estate investment performance


Asia Pacific Property Digest 3Q 2016

Domestic demand buffers heightened uncertainty

Asia Pacific continues to show robust growth amid heighted uncertainty. That was the message from the IMF in its October World Economic Outlook post the Brexit vote. Since then we have had the unexpected result from the US election. At the time of writing, US markets are pricing in growth. Here in Asia Pacific demographics remain our destiny, with domestic activity bolstering growth and demand for real estate



The Wrap – August 2016

Insight to the key markets around Australia. Whether a landlord or tenant, read our latest Corporate Solutions Newsletter.

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