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What is a Buyers Advocate? Learn who we are, what we do and how we do it! /australia/en-au/case-studies/66/what-is-a-buyers-advocateWhat is a Buyers Advocate? Learn who we are, what we do and how we do it! We are your property buyers – that’s what we do – we act exclusively on your behalf to buy property for you; residential (owner occupier or investment), retail, commercial, property development, industrial or rural.
Buyers Advocacy Success Story: Margot/australia/en-au/case-studies/65/buyers-advocacy-success-story-qld-margotBuyers Advocacy Success Story: MargotFirst time investors from country New South Wales, with a love of the Northern Beaches. Being remotely located, they were unable to inspect properties personally.
Buyers Advocacy Success Story: Scott & Tracy/australia/en-au/case-studies/64/buyers-advocacy-success-story-qld-scott-tracyBuyers Advocacy Success Story: Scott & TracyFirst time investors who had been looking for “the one” for years. Geographically disposed and time poor professionals.
Buyers Advocacy Success Story: Karen & Douglas/australia/en-au/case-studies/63/buyers-advocacy-success-story-qld-karen-douglasBuyers Advocacy Success Story: Karen & DouglasBusy self-employed business people looking to get into the market but skeptical of publically available advice.
Buyers Advocacy Success Story: Nathan/australia/en-au/case-studies/62/buyers-advocacy-success-story-qld-nathanBuyers Advocacy Success Story: NathanInformed (brother of a valuer) client with specific requirements – long term growth with minimal cash flow shortfall.
Buyers Advocacy Success Story: Richard/australia/en-au/case-studies/59/buyers-advocacy-success-story-qld-richardBuyers Advocacy Success Story: RichardSavvy, busy professional who was sceptical about property investment but found comfort in our analysis and client focus.
Buyers Advocacy Success Story: Michael & Esther/australia/en-au/case-studies/58/buyers-advocacy-success-story-qld-michael-estherBuyers Advocacy Success Story: Michael & EstherFirst time investors looking for the “sleep at night” factor and healthy long term prospects on a budget.
Buyers Advocacy Success Story: Jacob & Jean/australia/en-au/case-studies/57/buyers-advocacy-success-story-qld-jacob-jeanBuyers Advocacy Success Story: Jacob & JeanAdditions to existing property portfolio – low vacancy, high yield – coupled with a specifically high yielding portfolio top-up.