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Real Estate Consulting

We help clients see real estate differently.

​​​​​​​We are property specialists with a unique approach. We live in a world of research and insights, and work closely with some of the best experts in property. We look beyond just the physical place and challenge our clients to look differently at real estate.
Think of us as a community of problem-solvers, working collaboratively to deliver fresh thinking and practical advice – all backed up by real, evidence-based solutions.

We help our clients transform the way they work, live and play in their cities and communities. 

Our collaborative approach means we offer organisations the combined skills and expertise of our sales and investments, valuations and asset management teams. 

Some of our services include:

  • Economic Analysis: Macro and micro-economic analysis of property markets; economic impact assessments; retail trade area analysis; competition analysis; demographic analysis; turnover projections.
  • Market Research: Detailed market research of all major asset classes; supply/demand studies; benchmarking property indicators; portfolio strategies; investment market strategies.
  • Development Advisory: Working extensively with public and private clients to help them maximise returns from their developments. This includes advice on large-scale infrastructure projects, urban regeneration areas, master-planned precincts and transit-oriented developments.
  • Financial Analysis: Feasibility analysis; highest and best use; rental income projections; market yield analysis, cash flow analysis.
  • Demographic Analysis: Profiling of resident socio-demographic characteristics.
  • Forecasting Services: Tailored forecasting of markets, sectors and individual assets that drive asset allocation, portfolio analysis, leasing strategies and buy-sell decisions.

Topics of interest

Topic of interest

The role of planning schemes in supporting development viability

Planning schemes are often powerful enablers of sound and sustainable development, but wrong conceived they can impose unintended cost on society or fail to achieve their objectives.


Topic of interest

Evidence based analysis - the benchmark for property forecasting

According to Tim Brown, director of JLL’s Strategic Consulting practice in New South Wales, property as an asset class is often the 'poor cousin' when it comes to the quality of research that is used in its forecasting.

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Topic of interest

Location Intelligence - driving optimal retail store locations

"Location, location, location" is the old adage of real estate fundamentals but never before has it been so important to retailers in today's ultra-competitive markets.

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Real Views

Get a fresh perspective on how real estate is impacting the wider world from Real Views by JLL. Real Views keeps you up-to-date with all the latest global trends and hot topics in the world of real estate.

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