Veteran Employment Program

According to the Prime Minister’s Veterans Employment Program, ‘Veterans have an extensive range of skills, abilities and attributes that make them valuable employees; including leadership, organisational skills, and resilience. These skills are easily transferable from the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to civilian workplaces.’ The Program notes that ‘what is missing for some veterans is the ability to translate these skills into a language that the business world can understand.’ To address that gap, and support Veterans transitioning, and JLL staff involved in the recruitment and retention of Veterans, the JLL Veterans Employment Program has been launched in March 2022.

The program includes:

  • Job Ads being advertised through SoldierOn as well as usual locations like Seek and LinkedIn. This means SoldierOn can proactively approach candidates and can offer support in the application process
  • Entry level roles with a clear progression pathway mapped out and supported by training, mentoring and support
  • Additional support for Veterans in all roles at JLL including training and mentoring
  • Updated HR documentation to reflect externally to candidates, and internally to HR and Hiring Managers, the priority focus of Veterans as well as help in the translation of military service into the JLL job interview processes
  • Training for HR and Hiring Managers in recruiting Veterans including understanding military roles and terminology, being able to ask interview questions that draw out transferable skills and being able to translate military experience into JLL job requirements
  • Veteran Reference Committee made of Veterans and supportive staff currently working within JLL – they will oversee the Program and ensure it is working effectively to aid the recruitment and retention of Veterans
  • Improve reporting capability during recruitment and normal business operations of Veterans status of staff
  • Broad support of Veteran community through engagement with SoldierOn including attendance at Pathways events

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Entry level roles available with clear progression to Facilities Manager or Project Manager

Cohort approach to training, mentoring and support to encourage camaraderie and connection

Training for HR staff and Hiring Managers to help Veterans applying to any JLL role to translate their experience and be competitive in job interview process

Support of SoldierOn