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EP3: How the COVID-19 toilet paper shortage is changing logistics

As the coronavirus pandemic started to unfold, shoppers rushed to stock up on household staples in preparation for lockdowns and the uncertainty ahead. Store shelves were cleared of toilet rolls, but confusingly, warehouses remained full.

April 27, 2020
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Rebecca Kent (host)
Hello there. Thank you for listening to JLL's perspectives podcast episode three. We're absolutely thrilled at the response to our podcast so far and we've got no doubt this will provide equally great insights.
We're covering the logistics of moving essential goods from suppliers to supermarket or store shelves, through the lens of a consumer good that has gripped the world's attention during the COVID-19 pandemic: toilet paper.
To address the challenges and the opportunities I've got Amy Bentley, who is general manager of supply chain solutions in Australia and New Zealand - global logistics - for Toll Group, and Jamie Guerra who is head of industrial and logistics in Australia, at JLL.

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