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EP7: It’s game on again for industrial investment

In episode 7 of the Perspectives podcast - JLL’s view on trends in commercial real estate - find out how the industrial sector is witnessing significant growth against the backdrop of COVID-19, confirmed by the $648 million Aldi portfolio deal.

June 05, 2020
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Rebecca Kent (host)
The industrial sector is open for business again. That’s the message as the sale of four Aldi distribution centres in Australia for $648 million marks the largest industrial transaction of the year.
The portfolio was acquired by a joint venture between Charter Hall and the insurance giant Allianz, with experts citing significant appetite for high quality warehouses, bolstered undoubtedly by phenomenally high supermarket spending during COVID-19 lockdowns, and the need for defensive real estate.
In this episode, Tony Iuliano, head of industrial capital markets and logistics at JLL, and Jamie Guerra, head of industrial and logistics in Australia for JLL, provide the lowdown on a sector picking right up again on this side of the crisis.
I’m Rebecca Kent, and this is JLL’s Perspectives Podcast.

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