What makes Melbourne so liveable?

The city isn't just Australia's cultural capital; it's also a center for education and innovation, bringing together tourists, students and professionals.

August 10, 2017

Scan any recent ranking of the top cities offering a high quality of life and there’s a strong chance Melbourne will feature.

The city isn’t just known as Australia’s cultural capital; it’s also a center for education and innovation which helps to create a cosmopolitan community of tourists, students and professionals. Companies are also keen to build a presence in Melbourne, driving the revitalization of its CBD and encouraging investment in its real estate market.

Yet the city is very much thinking about the future. The redevelopment of the Docklands area is extending the city’s commercial heart and ambitious infrastructure plans are in place to strengthen its road and rail networks.

Watch the video to hear Annabel MacFarlane, Head of Research – Victoria, JLL and David Bowden, Managing Director – Victoria, JLL talk about what makes it a place where people and businesses want to be and how these developments projects will help to maintain its competitive edge in the liveability stakes.