Your guide to office relocation

Your lease is about to expire. Your space needs or business have changed. You want an office that will attract top talent. You’re curious what other options are out there.

Whatever your reasons for considering a move, this stage is filled with unknowns.
Should you expand within your building? Find a new one altogether? Or would renovating your current space be enough to improve workflow?
Once you come to a decision, there are things to consider as you inevitably change over the course of your lease. Five or ten years is a long time to be stuck in the same location under the same terms.
Markets fluctuate, employees multiply, new technologies emerge. One thing is certain: you need to make room for the future even if you can’t predict it. Whether it takes 12 weeks or 12 months, your move can be split into three phases:

Phase 1: Planning

Plan your strategy
Define business objectives
Define growth plan
Define exit strategy
Real estate implications
Employee demographics

Assess your needs
Space and infrastructure
Find inefficiencies
Quantify needs
Present plan

Phase 2: Selection

Compare locations
Survey market alternatives
Prepare and submit request for proposals (RFP)
Analyse proposals
Prepare and present test fits
Prepare construction budget
Advance negotiations, counter proposals
Analyse counters
Select building

Negotiate lease
Heads of Agreement
Negotiate lease
Execute lease

Phase 3: Fitout

Complete construction
Prepare construction documents
Approvals and permits
Tender works
Fitout construction

Move in
Coordinate move, phones etc.
Move in

Download Your next move for more detail about each phase, tools to use and common pitfalls to avoid along the way.

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