Client story

We help investors visualise Melbourne's future Skyline through innovative technology

We are helping real estate investors to make better decisions for the future with a unique and comprehensive set of data that has been gathered, crunched, and rendered in a powerful 3D model. It's an industry game changer.

Using technology known as Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), we have been able to showcase future property developments as well as the development potential of every site in the Melbourne city centre, segmented by size, type of development, age of building and year of proposed developments, giving our clients more than just numbers on a spreadsheet to inform their investment strategies. 

This visual representation of Melbourne taps into insights that exist across our vast knowledge base, and brings them to life in the way the market wants and needs to see it. And it’s fast. The model layers can be manipulated to respond with solutions in real time.

A great report – clearly differentiating JLL in the market

– Andrew Borger, Head of Office Development, Charter Hall

We turned numbers into valuable insights

But these projects all start with data, and our GIS specialists, along with marketing, leasing and research teams covering the office, residential, hotel, and student accommodation sectors, pooled their collective resources to produce one of the highest quality CBD data sets not just in Melbourne, but in all of Australia. It is testament to the innovation and unrivalled insight we can achieve by harnessing our immense network. 

This project maps more than 2,500 buildings, 1,200 hectares and 15 land-use categories across the Melbourne CBD, Southbank and Docklands, and is updated quarterly. As well as the 3D model, we have produced the research paper Melbourne’s Changing Skyline - Implications for 2030 and Beyond which provides a detailed examination of the direction Melbourne is travelling and how will it affect liveability – valuable information for anyone invested in the city. 

The data and visualisation this project delivers is informing our clients now, and will continue to do so as it updates to keep pace with Melbourne’s changing skyline. We look forward to exploring the possibilities of what it can continue to achieve.

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