Client story

We helped Tabcorp
relocate to an office
better suited to its
growth strategy

The gambling entertainment group Tabcorp wanted to move into an office that would accommodate its growth plans so we helped make this ambition a reality.

We are a long-term strategic partner of Tabcorp, which is a business committed to staying at the forefront of technological change and the changing demands of its staff and customers.

As Tabcorp’s office needs changed, a range of our teams, including Tenant Representation, Corporate Consulting, Office Leasing, Project Management and Property Asset Management, combined their collective expertise to find the perfect office for the company, negotiate the lease terms and rent, and support the mammoth task of relocation.

This was after working with our client to draw up a property strategy that would free it from the limitations of its unsuitable workplace at the time.

How we got to work

Some of our best work has been in the most pressurised of environments and this was no different. Tabcorp’s vast stakeholder group, tight turnaround programme and ongoing lease negotiations for its new office at Melbourne’s Collins Square, demanded this project be delivered with pace and rigour.

We implemented a detailed project program with clear design and approval timelines, negotiated and managed contracts, tested design concepts, accommodated client changes, and moved 916 people into a five-floor office, all within 14 months.

This was achieved with minimal disruption to normal business and under the allocated project budget.

Tabcorp moved to activity-based working in its new office and the company now operates out of one of the most outstanding modern workplaces in Australia.

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