Client story

JLL maximises energy efficiency and occupant comfort for a federal government agency

JLL managed an extensive air conditioning assessment which resulted in significant improvements to operating costs, energy performance and occupant comfort


Energy & Sustainability Services


ACT, Australia


Office tenancy approx. 1300m2


$100K in savings


Our federal government client occupied an office with an air conditioning system that was not fit for purpose. It was not designed to operate in zoned areas within the office or to serve small, discrete spaces, causing thermal discomfort to the staff in the office.

Consequently, JLL were engaged to perform an assessment of the building to help identify what was contributing to the staff discomfort and how to avoid any additional energy usage to the tenant.


After an extensive energy assessment, including reviewing historical after-hours air conditioning charges, examining where energy was being consumed and how occupier comfort could be improved. We demonstrated our findings to the client and found $100,000 of unnecessary after-hours air conditioning charges and made recommendations concerning new equipment.


By installing small independent air conditioning systems, the client had better user control and our efforts led to a major reduction in total energy consumption.