Client story

Optimising a client’s office lighting to save energy and money

Converting office lighting to LEDs contributed to a significant reduction in operational costs for one government agency


Energy & Sustainability Services


Canberra, ACT, Australia




$95,000 in savings


A federal government agency appointed JLL as it sought to reduce energy usage and potential operational costs attributed to lighting across its Canberra office.


In collaboration with its electrical maintenance contractor, we conducted a full audit of the building and provided a comprehensive proposal outlining the savings contained in LED lighting upgrades.

We identified more than 2,000 compact fluorescent downlights within its office, numerous broken switches, and motion sensors, incorrectly or poorly zoned lighting, inappropriate lighting run times, and the need for regular maintenance.

We worked with the electrical maintenance contractor and upgraded the existing downlights with LED lighting technology and improved the lighting controls, resulting in 68 percent less energy consumption and a longer operating life.


A review of energy costs for the 12 months following the upgrade showed a decrease in energy costs of $95,000 as well as reduction of maintenance costs by $9,600, resulting in an extremely happy client.