Client story

Portfolio data management for a global biopharmaceutical company

JLL is the global preferred partner for transactions, portfolio management, planning, property management, and workplace services.




56M sq. ft

  • In 2014, JLL was selected as the single global preferred partner for transactions, portfolio data management and portfolio planning services, with additional call off services including rating, property management and workplace

  • Created a new approach to client’s real estate portfolio. Moved to centralised funding model with central team delivering e.g., asset planning, LA etc.

  • JLL does most of the work through end-to-end delivery of total real estate solution. In 2012 JLL was selected for global project management services

Solution & value creation:
  • Following the 2001 merger, a real estate programme was implemented in three phases: post-merger consolidation, integration, and creation of a portfolio vision for the future. During the first phase all portfolio data was cleansed to identify asset disposal and cost reductions. In the first year, the JLL team improved the data accuracy from below 50% to 72% and were able to consolidate all the information into a single global system. Over 100 sites were identified for disposal, ranked by disposability ease and potential cost savings

  • JLL is focused on this project as a team and has been assisting the development of a portfolio planning model, capturing and managing portfolio data and advising on exits from sites that are closing due to the restructuring

  • Key projects delivered £35.8M ($45.5M) in capital receipts in 2012, £7.4M reduction in operational expenditure (OpEx), and an additional £1.4M was secured in cost savings

  • Portfolio reduced by a net total of 2.6M sq. ft.

  • Completed “data cleanse” to give accurate and complete portfolio database

  • Developed portfolio planning model with pilots run on two CET areas, prior to engagement with all CET areas

  • Supply chain - Through change of supplies partner and investment towards washroom dispensers