Client story

The Road to Net Zero

MarketPlace Leichhardt, owned by Active Super, is committed to developing a sustainable future. Having managed Marketplace Leichhardt for 25 years, our dedicated team has been working in partnership with Active Super, to reduce the centre’s impact on the environment - with various initiatives introduced to save electricity and water as well as minimising waste through recycling programs.​

In 2012, Marketplace achieved a 5 Star NABERS Energy rating (6 Stars with the purchase of 100% GreenPower) by systematically introducing energy saving initiatives, which have cumulatively reduced energy consumption by 40%. In 2019, Marketplace Leichhardt achieved carbon neutral status under the Federal Governments Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard for Buildings and was one of the first shopping centres in Australia to achieve this accreditation. The Centre is also part of Active Super’s recently certified 6 Star Green Star – Performance portfolio which represents ‘World Leadership’ in building operations.

So how did MarketPlace Leichhardt reach these market leading achievements? Being a shopping centre that is almost 45 years old meant that it didn't have the energy, water and waste management systems that a new shopping centre would take for granted. To reduce our energy, water and waste an extensive Centre retrofit program was delivered, and from this point continual developments and best practices have since been implemented, such as:​

  • Rooftop solar system (over 1,000 solar panels) producing over 300 kW of energy and powering over 40% of the Centre with on-site renewable energy.
  • Replacing old inefficient air conditioning chillers with new plant and equipment. Installing energy efficient lights through the common malls and fitting all plant and equipment with energy efficient motors and variable speed drives.
  • Electrical and water meter tracking has delivered a reduction in retailer usage, as well as encouraging high-consuming retailers to invest in sustainable appliance alternatives such as waterless woks.
  • Efficiently sorting of Centre waste to ensure that waste materials are recycled, preventing unnecessary landfill and achieving an 80% landfill diversion rate.
  • Recycling the food waste from food retailers for reuse in organic fertilizer and biofuel has assisted in reducing the volume of waste going to landfill. With over 200 tonnes of food waste recycled, we have seen approximately 1.8 million MJ of green energy produced which has the potential to power up to 720 homes, reduced CO2 emissions by 431 tonnes and diverted approximately 34,000 plastic bags from landfill.​
  • Purchasing 100% GreenPower for the entire base building load for the Centre since 2007. GreenPower is Government accredited renewal energy from 100% renewable sources from solar and wind farms in NSW.​
  • Implementing 'Green Leases' to require our retailers to purchase 100% GreenPower and ensure fitouts comply with best practice standards for recycling, lighting, power, water and waste management.