Invest in, develop, lease, and manage property in non-traditional asset classes.



Aged care

The development and investment in aged care homes is vital to supporting an ageing population.

Data centres

As we continue to adopt technology in our lives, the need for storing datais larger than ever before. 

Retirement living

Retirement is all about choice and quality of life. We support by helping you invest, develop and manage retirement properties. 


From child care, student accommodationto tertiary education, we can help you invest, develop and manage assets in education.

Healthcare and Medical

From hospitals, medical centres to specialist clinics and more, our growing population depends on a stronghealthcare industry.


As our communities and cities grow, we’relookingfor smarter ways to live. Self storage isjust one of these.


The way we use and store renewable energy is changing. We can help you invest, develop, lease and manage property in this growing sector. 


Australia has a reputation for clean and green quality produce and our agriculture industry is one that continues to grow, fast.

Car parking

A new alternative, car parks are hot property. Find out more about how you can investand moveintocar parks.

Build to Rent

With greater urban density and growth, Build to Rent in the residential space is helping us achieve a smarter, more affordable way to live.

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Noral Wild,Head of Alternative Investments - Australia
Noral Wild
Head of Alternative Investments - Australia