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Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Project

Project Description

One of the largest water infrastructure projects ever undertaken in Australia, the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Project replaces some 17,500 km’s of inefficient open earthern channels with more than 9,000 kilometres of underground pipeline.

Key Services Provided
  • Provision of experienced land access personnel to support the projects team in managing relations with landholders and stakeholders
  • Establishment of management systems, processes, and procedures to support the efficient execution and documentation of communications with landholders in relation to access to impacted properties
  • Preparation of Easement Acquisition Strategy
  • Manage all landholder interactions, engagement, and consultation
  • Preparation of all documentation including Options for Easement, Options to Purchase, Agreements to Enter Land (distribution) and any other requisite land acquisition documentation
  • Manage access to land for survey purposes
  • Monitoring activities of project personnel within landholder properties pursuant to the terms of negotiated access agreements
  • Dispute resolution and management of complex stakeholders.
  • Property due diligence and feasibility assessments.
  • Preparation of Assessments of Compensation for all easements required along five transmission pipeline
  • Negotiate easement terms and conditions including compensation with all landowners impacted by transmission pipelines
  • Arrange execution, lodgment, and registration of all easements and freehold purchase
  • Preparation of Construction Line List documents for all transmission and distribution pipelines
  • Manage and facilitate all payments and compensation due

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