Jamahl Waddington

Jamahl Waddington

Head of Infrastructure Advisory - Australia

Jamahl commenced as a Graduate Property Valuer with Maloney Field Services in 1997 and was appointed a Company Director in 2004 and is now the Head of Infrastructure for JLl since the firm's purchase of Maloney Field Services in 2017.

Jamahl's other key responsibilities within the firm include direct involvement with a number of key infrastructure projects as Land Manager and key strategic advisor.

Jamahl's hands on involvement in many major projects in the specialist field of land access has provided excellent exposure to corporate and institutional landholders and stakeholders together with regulators, complementary service providers and key players, particularly in the resources, transport and energy sectors.

Key strengths:

  • Negotiation of access to land and land tenure
  • Developing and implementing strategies for the successful delivery of land access for infrastructure deployment.
  • Development of favourable rapport and practical working relationships with landholders and stakeholders
  • Key landholder, stakeholder, corporate, institutional and government engagement.
  • Detailed knowledge of Land Acquisition legislation in SA, Vic NSW, Qld and NT
  • Co-ordination and management of Land Access and Acquisition Programs for infrastructure development
  • Landholder liaison, consultation and engagement
  • Site selection and infrastructure corridor selection
  • Assessments of compensation for major infrastructure projects