Dynamic Occupancy Management

We’re transforming how we deliver occupancy solutions by leveraging AI to enable “always on” space optimization and improve human performance in the hybrid workplace

Why now?

74% of employees want to work in the office in some capacity
71% of employees expect more flexible schedules
70% of employees prefer office environments for collaboration

Source: JLL online survey of 2,033 office workers across 10 countries spanning all major industries, October 2020​

How we can help

Dynamic OM introduces new ways to allocate space for a dynamic workforce and enables micro supply/demand management to drive toward a frictionless employee experience in the workplace. The new planning methods are underpinned by three digital elements that build upon your current IWMS technology:

  • AI for space allocations, powered by GoSpace
  • Space booking and reservations
  • Attendance and utilization tracking
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Virtual event: Dynamic occupancy management for the hybrid workplace

Create more efficient and effective workplaces with transformative occupancy planning methods and technologies.

Outcomes you can expect

Create "always on" space optimisation
Enhance human performance
Identify opportunities to reduce operating costs