Madeleine Taylor

Relationship Director

March 11, 2022

Madeleine Taylor, Relationship Director

Madeleine’s approach to structure and direct communication style were useful during her time in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and she’s pleased to see these skills have seen her thrive at JLL.

“I have a wonderful team of skilled and friendly professionals in my team and an experienced and supportive Manager,” Madeleine says. “They accept and appreciate my directness and love of structure which I am very grateful for.”

Madeleine joined JLL in 2021 within the strategic client management team and was recently promoted into a leadership role. She credits her military experience with helping her stand out from other candidates and be more aligned with the JLL Leadership Team.

“The leadership skills I’ve developed have really been put to use in this role,” she says. “Being able to develop and lead high performing teams has been vital as well as being able to clearly devise and present strategy and instructions to my team. The ability to advocate for my team and ensure they have resources and receive the recognition they deserve has also been key to success.”

Madeleine says there have been some unexpected skills and experience from her time in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) that have also helped her in the corporate world. 

“My ability to manage competing priorities and work under stress has been a great asset. Knowing when to remove emotion from a situation and calmly work methodically through a list of tasks, and help others to the same, has elevated how we perform as a team.

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“Confidence in my abilities has helped me to speak to large groups of people, including senior leaders, and feel comfortable tackling large, complex tasks or learning new concepts and processes.

“One skill that has made a difference and is probably not something people would expect to be a skill for the workplace, is manners. It might sound funny, but etiquette and manners were drilled into us in the Australian Defence Force (ADF), and they have served me well in interactions with clients. In a past role that included lots of fancy dinners with clients knowing how to use five different forks paid off. I hope to use these skills more as COVID-19 winds down.”

Madeleine’s advice for veterans looking to move into the business world is to be confident about their experience in the military because it’s highly valued in civilian workplaces.

“Think carefully about what type of role and organisation you would like to work for and where your experience, skills and qualifications will be most valued,” she says. “Don’t be afraid to seek help – whether that’s through a friend who has transitioned out of the military or with an organisation like SoldierOn. They can be invaluable in helping you prepare your resume, translate your military experience and roles into language a civilian HR manager will understand, and prepare for interviews. I’d also encourage them to get on LinkedIn and grow their professional profile.”

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