Industrial & Logistics Market Update

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Join us to gain insights on the Industrial & Logistics sector and how it has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Hear from members of JLL’s Global Industrial Board as they discuss the worldwide factors impacting manufacturing, supply chain and warehousing, and how this will impact the Australian market. 

What’s in it for you?

  • Hear the latest insights on the market conditions within the Industrial & Logistics sector in Australia, APAC and the Americas.
  • Learn how the pandemic will change local manufacturing in the future.
  • Learn the long-term effects on the Industrial & Logistics industry.


Jamie Guerra, Head of Industrial & Logistics – Australia
As moderator, Jamie speaks about the main trends he is seeing across the Australian market.

Sass J Baleh, Senior Director, Research -  Australia
Sass provides a well -rounded market update including the change in vacancy rates and leasing demand across the industrial sector.

Stuart Ross, Head of Industrial & Logistics - Southeast Asia
Based in Singapore but currently operating out of Sydney due to lockdowns, Stuart looks at the impact of the APAC market on Australia and what insights we can gain from China as they begin to return to work.

Rich Thompson, Managing Director – Americas
Joining us from Chicago and the lead of the Global Industrial Board, Rich looks at the top 3 trends and impacts on global supply chain.

Craig Meyer, President, Industrial – Americas
Calling in from Los Angeles, Craig discusses the current market conditions of the American market including the strong leasing headwinds they experienced in Q1 and the current leasing and capital market transactions.

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