From the navy to property management: How Lauren Gale landed a job at JLL

We helped the veteran find stability and growth in the civilian workforce after her military career

November 22, 2023

Having spent four-and-a-half years in The Royal Australian Navy as a boatswain’s mate across Victoria and parts of New South Wales, Lauren Gale was looking for her next career move.

She had experienced an injury during her time serving, prompting her to explore options that would accommodate flexible work arrangements and career growth.

She had decided her future would be in the civilian workforce – a move supported by a service at Defence that connects veterans with job opportunities catering to their skills and experience.

Lauren specialised in small arms and close-range weapons, small boats and ships, maintenance of the ships and safety aboard. In a civilian context, this experience translated to administrative and operations-focused opportunities where Lauren could use her strong organisational, communication, and problem-solving skills.

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Connecting Lauren with a role that has clear career progression to her dream job

Prior to joining the Navy, Lauren had worked briefly in residential property. This, combined with her experience building strong connections across Defence while serving, made a transition into JLL’s Whole of Australia Government (WoAG) Defence account an excellent fit.

JLL recruited Lauren as a leasing administrator associate, with the intention of supporting her into a property management role down the line. During the nine-month transition, Lauren received coaching through career transition specialist Right Management, while adjusting to civilian life with her partner in Sydney. 

Since then, she has benefited immensely from the support from Defence, her manager at JLL, and her new hybrid work arrangement.

Lauren finds work-life-balance

Of her experience, so far, Lauren comments, “It has shown me that I like having a stable job where I can continually learn and grow, and to be able to set and achieve professional goals. On a personal level, I’m enjoying setting goals and getting to do things with my family and friends that my time in the Navy didn’t allow for.” 

Lauren’s grit and determination are a legacy from her time in the navy. She says, “Whether the decision is made for you to move on or not, deep down you know if it’s your time to start a new challenge in life.

“Although scary at times making that change, you must look after yourself and your family. Determination and knowing what you want out of life is what will get you through.

“It’s not all about the outcome, it’s the adventure along the way.”

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