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We are dedicated to offering veterans and their spouses from all ranks and services a successful civilian career as they transition out of the military. We recognise and appreciate the skills acquired in their service careers as vital and transferable to our workforce.

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All veterans who have served one or more days in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and their immediate family members.

  • Veterans have an extensive range of skills, abilities and attributes that make them valuable employees, including leadership, organisational skills, and resilience. These skills are easily transferable from the ADF to civilian workplaces.
  • Families of veterans play a critical role in supporting their spouse or family members in their service. They bring flexibility and resilience as well as key skills to obtain stable, meaningful employment.

  • What is missing for some veterans and their families, is the ability to translate these skills into a language the business world can understand. That is where the JLL Veteran Engagement Program comes in.

  • The JLL Veteran Engagement Program is linked with SoldierOn who offer a variety of free and subsidised courses and qualifications. We encourage you to view their website for more information.

  • Many JLL job descriptions note that you can hold the requested qualification or have equivalent experience. We would encourage you to reach out to any of the JLL Veteran Engagement Program ambassadors for a coffee chat to explore this further. Our ambassadors have received training on how to link transferable skills gained from time in the ADF to the appropriate JLL role, which will help you understand where you are best suited.

JLL has an average of 200 jobs open every day across Australia that align to the skillset of transitioning ADF members. We encourage you to visit the JLL website for the full list of vacant roles.

We would encourage you to reach out to any of the JLL Veteran Engagement Program ambassadors for a coffee chat to explore the jobs available within JLL, what a day in each job would look like, and what may suit you best.

They will schedule in a call or face to face catch up to understand more about you and your career ambitions, as well as share information about JLL and the roles that are open.

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