6 things to consider when looking for a new office location

Leading your business through a successful office relocation is a huge accomplishment.

It takes foresight, strategy and nous to transfer an entire business to a new building only for it to be the best thing that could have happened to the company.

It could be because staff commute times improved, you moved nearer to clients, the building and its amenities are more sophisticated than you’ve ever had before, or simply that the phone signal is better, and the internet more reliable. Ultimately you’ll know it because your workforce is happier and more productive.

Making a smart move

Whether a move has been triggered by a lease expiry in your current building, business growth, or the realisation that your office is just not fit for purpose, the long-term nature of a commercial lease means a relocation needs to be carefully thought through, with multiple factors to consider.

It’s not just changes to your business and your sector you need to give thought to, it is also about how infrastructure projects and other developments can potentially transform the world you operate in.

To help you make the strongest start possible, I’ve compiled what I consider the most important criteria from which you should launch your search, once you’ve determined how much space you need, of course.

Six things for your checklist when thinking about a new office location


As you can see the considerations for a new office location have come a long way since the days that a shared kitchen was all there was to be excited about. Advancements in technology and that ever present competition for talent has lifted standards considerably.

By referring back to this checklist, you put yourself and your business in the best possible position to secure an office that is both desirable to your workforce and conducive to business growth.

And achieving that is no mean feat.

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