Valuation Advisory

Understand your potential with strategic valuation advice and sector-led market insights and transform your position in the market.
Get fast, strategic valuation advice 

We work with our clients to provide fast, quality valuation advice across all purposes including mortgage security, balance sheet reporting, pre-sale due diligence, financing, mergers and acquisitions, feasibility and market studies, litigation and taxation valuations.

Understand market trends

As a strategic valuation advisor, we have deep knowledge of all industries and sectors and we understand key market drivers, challenges and trends to deliver the best strategic advice possible to clients.

Access local and national expertise

We have national scale and valuation expertise in all Australian cities and regions including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart, Gold Coast and Darwin. 

Optimise your asset or portfolio

Our team of experts are skilled in providing advice and support to clients looking to optimise their real estate asset or enhance value across their portfolio.

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Commercial markets

Access latest research and market highlights for office, industrial, retail and residential development.

strategic valuation advice

Institutional and corporate

Our institutional corporate team deliver strategic valuation advice for offices, retail shopping centres and retail precincts, airports, industrial and logistics, distribution warehouses and ports.

Residential development and living

Our residential and living team understand market drivers and prices across residential development sites, community and social housing, defence housing, prestige property, singular homes and apartments, student housing and build to rent developments.

Alternatives and specialist

We have a dedicated alternatives and specialist team who deliver strategic valuation advice for assets in healthcare, seniors living, hospitals, data centres, renewables, education, plant equipment and infrastructure.

Government and public sector

Our government and public sector team have a deep understanding of all levels of government and specialise in valuation advice across museums, new infrastructure developments, not-for-profit, life sciences, heritage and cultural collections, schools and universities.

Plant and Machinery

Our market leading team will ensure you have the best quality advice in the plant and machinery

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