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JLL Infrastructure advisory provides end-to-end support to meet your sustainability and financial needs, addressing aging infrastructure while minimizing risk.

The public infrastructure space is complex. The right partner can help you navigate it.

We provide end-to-end, holistic support for the full spectrum of sustainable infrastructure projects. The end result? Infrastructure projects that meet your financial and sustainability goals, while mitigating risks

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Major Projects

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A circa 900-kilometre 330kV transmission line to increase power flows between South Australia and New South Wales and unlock renewable energy zones in both States.

Western Victoria Transmission Network

A 190km 500kV/220kV transmission network project between North Sydenham, Ballarat and Bulgana to unlock renewable energy zones in Western Victoria.

Project Marinus – Northwest Transmission Developments

A circa 180-kilometre augmentation of the existing 220kV transmission network in central northern Tasmania to provide additional transfer capacity to export renewable energy to Victoria via the proposed Marinus Link undersea cable.

Northern Gas Pipeline

A 622-kilometre-high pressure buried gas pipeline constructed between Warrego (NT) and Mount Isa (Qld). The $800M project impacted predominantly large-scale pastoral properties through the rich Barkly Tablelands together with family-owned pastoral operations near Tennant Creek and Mount Isa.

Transport for NSW

A new 30-kilometre metro line extending the existing rail from the end of Sydney metro Northwest at Chatswood under Sydney Harbour, through new central business district (CBD) stations and south west to Bankstown.

Wimmera Mallee

One of the largest water infrastructure projects ever undertaken in Australia, the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Project replaces some 17,500 km’s of inefficient open earthern channels with more than 9,000 kilometres of underground pipeline.

ARTC Inland Rail

A circa 300-kilometre greenfield rail corridor to facilitate construction of the Inland Rail project between Brisbane and Melbourne.

Renewable Energy

Due diligence property advisory for various wind farm projects around Australia.

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Jamahl Waddington

Head of Infrastructure Advisory - Australia