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Explore the ways we work with our clients to manage their properties and portfolios.
Occupancy planning

Monitor, measure and analyse how people use space to make sure your portfolio is fit for the future. Learn how mobility programs and unassigned seating can reduce occupancy costs, give employees more flexibility and foster collaboration.

Engineering & operations

Operate buildings efficiently to create a productive environment for tenants and employees. Gain a better understanding of your building assets and how best to maintain them to increase efficiency, reduce risk and manage costs. Use on site or mobile staff to proactively manage maintenance and respond quickly to requests. 

Energy management

Analyse past and present energy performance data for your tenancy or space. Use insight driven energy management strategies to control utility spend, reduce environmental impact and make better decisions.

Smart buildings

Design a smart building solution aligned to your needs. Introduce new technology and connect existing systems to enhance the productivity of buildings, workplaces and people. Get access to real time data to ensure your property or portfolio operates efficiently and creates positive experiences for the people using the space. 

Flexible facilities management

Supplement your in house facilities team with a scalable menu of services, choosing only what you need to enhance existing skills. Increase purchasing power and productivity with work order processing, engineering and operations, energy management, experience services, vendor sourcing, and accounting and finance.

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Welcome to the future of work

The Future of Work is our outlook on the changing world of work and its impact on the next generation of real estate. It’s a resource to help you unlock value in our new experience- and technology-driven era.