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Property management

Create great experiences for your tenants and their customers, with space that operates efficiently and safely for a sustainable future. 

Integrated facilities management

Employ technology and expertise to reduce operating costs, improve efficiencies and deliver an experience that attracts top talent. 

Flexible facilities management

Supplement your in house facilities team with a scalable menu of services, choosing only what you need to enhance existing skills. Increase purchasing power and productivity with work order processing, engineering and operations, energy management, experience services, vendor sourcing, and accounting and finance. 

Engineering & operations

Operate buildings efficiently to create a productive environment for tenants and employees. Gain a better understanding of your building assets and how best to maintain them to increase efficiency, reduce risk and manage costs. Use onsite or mobile staff to proactively manage maintenance and respond quickly to requests. 

Sourcing & supply chain management

Effectively source products and services to manage your property or facility and leverage economies of scale for purchasing power and cost savings. Get access to high performing suppliers who understand compliance and customer experience. 

Transaction management

Evaluate lease obligations and space requirements to create a flexible and productive portfolio strategy. Talk to advisors who will manage your local transactions on the ground, securing or disposing of space at the right time, on the right terms. 

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Richard Fennell,Head of Strategy and Property & Asset Management - Australia
Richard Fennell
Head of Strategy and Property & Asset Management - Australia