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Research and Economics

Make sound investment and development decisions informed by the latest research, insights, and economic indicators. Our research provides an understanding on complex policy, property and social challenges.

Risk Management

Quantify the risk profile of your portfolio and develop a risk-management strategy to help meet your goals.

Portfolio Diversity

Take advantage of shifting market cycles and emerging market opportunities with a diversified portfolio strategy.

Increase asset value

Grow yield and capital appreciation by investing in assets that are exposed to long-term cyclical trends.

Due Diligence

Assess property pricing and risk implications across local and global markets to ensure compliance for acquisition or pre-marketing transactions. 

Property Advisory

Get the right advice on your property or portfolio. We provide residential property advisory services, feasibility advice, or general real estate consulting

for your property or development 

Transaction Advisory

We leverage our extensive experience and market knowledge, drawing on local and global expertise, to deliver and advise on a successful transaction outcome in any sector.

Land Economics

Sophisticated property market advice and take-up forecasts for employment and population is shaped by best in class research and market insights. We provide realistic quantification of uplift and benefits associated with transformative projects including significant infrastructure and urban regeneration.

Property Market Analysis

Our team performs market analysis for any asset or precinct, so you can understand underlying demand and make informed decisions on your future property strategy. 

Land Use Policy and Strategy

Policies and strategies that impact property are built on our real market understanding. We consult and advise on these strategies which enable financially sound developments and produce strong employment opportunities.

Financial Analysis

Determine the optimal economic return of your property strategy with sound financial analysis in areas including; cash flow analysis, financial forecasting, risk simulation and statistical analysis.

Development Advisory

We work with you to realise and meet development objectives, deliver strong financial results through analysis of commercial options, and represent your interest with counterparties.

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